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React Developer

Job Description

  • Work with front end as well as back end development.

  • In charge of building and designing front-end web architecture.

  • Collaborating with graphic designers on web design features.

  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • Since full-stack developers work on the project from conception to final product, this necessitates a keen attention to detail.

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Role & Responsibilities

  • Creating Applications using Net Core, Web services, Web API, C#.

  • Use front-end AngularJS or React .

  • API design and development


  • Ensure mobile phone cross-platform optimization.

  • Ensure application responsiveness.

  • Must work in Agile & Scrum.

  • Ensure both technical and consumer requirements are fully met.

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  • DEGREE: A bachelor/ masters degree in computer science or a related discipline.

  • EXPERIENCE: 3 - 8 years of experience in web development.

  • Expert in: .Net Core, Web services, Web API, C#, MVC, WCF, Windows services.

  • Must Know: Angular js or React.
  • Basic front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required.
  • Good to Know: Knowledge of SQL, MySQL, or MongoDB.

  • Outstanding problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication abilities for collaboration with clients

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Preferred Skills

  • C# proficiency is required, as is familiarity with its coding environment (mostly Microsoft's Visual Studio).

  • Understanding of the.NET framework and its most recent features. As already stated, this entails continuous research.

  • Detailed knowledge of the structure and logic of Object-Oriented programming.

  • Strong C# web and backend programming expertise, alongwith Web API, MVC, and.NET Core knowledge

Upcoming Events

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Web Trends'22

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Frontend Trends
An Outlook

Unlike other industries, trends in Front End Development can shift rather quickly which keeps this fast-paced software developer community always on its toes, to adopt the latest front-end techniques. The community is increasingly favoring next-generation technologies which shall in turn help the developers ease their workload and make websites more interactive and experiential for customers.

Learn about the latest web trends by downloading eZO.Hire Web Development Trends report '22.

Why eZO.Jobs

eZO.Hire finds the most challenging and exciting opportunities for you, to excel in your career as a front-end angular developer. The eZO.Network consists of companies around the globe that are ready to hire developers across multiple roles. Apply in one easy click and eZO.Leaders will connect with you to help you in finding the best role for you! 


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Why eZO.Hire ?
The Mindset

eZOHire is not just another HR platform, at eZO we get the mindset of world-class engineering scrum teams. eZOHire is seeded by seasoned Technology & HR leaders who in the past have led global engineering teams and set agile cultures at scale.

Our leaders have led Software & SaaS development in the past, eZO has the in-house expertise to assess SaaS, Enterprise architecture, AI /ML, NLP, Web Dev, DevOps, Mobile apps, Micro-services architecture or Monolithic development stack. 

It is this DNA that enables eZO to understand technical hiring obstacles screen the right Talent timely who can fuel your digital journey.

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