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Hire top Tech Superstars for your key roles
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Discover Tech Professionals who fit your team from Discover impact ready talent who can work On-premise or remotely.



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eZO.Hire matches right
Tech talent for Digital disruption.
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Hire Top tech talent in days, not months

Join eZO.Hire to get qualified talent for your key roles in less than 48 hours. After an onboarding call, you’ll get pre-vetted & engaged applicants to review. Get personalized report, videos & code screening to ensure top hires.

Leverage Optimized Talent pipeline 

At eZO.Hire leverage optimized talent pipe-line right from multi-channel talent sourcing till the candidates are hired, each step in the value chain is carefully vetted and automated for quality talent assessment. Leverage top ezo.Leaders  and ezo.Ai for error free screening and selection. 


Accurate Talent selection with eZO.6C 

Each eZO.Talent assessment encapsulates 6C framework which ensures behavioral based hiring. The process ensures that right role-talent fit is achieved to allow companies to hire accurately and at speed.

Global pool for On-premise or Remote hire

eZO.Network provides access to diversified talent pool across nations for hiring top talent. Be it remote hire or on-premise office hiring now get pre-accessed talent access for your hiring needs.

find more at _joshrh19 (Instagram)_edite

Roles we,

Digital Disruptors, Enterprise  Architects, Project Leaders,

 Product   Leaders, Front-end    Developers,  Back-end Developers, Mobile Developers,  Program   Management,

IT Sales & Pre-Sales ,  Security   Consultants, Business analyst, UI & UX Designers,  Remote Workers, SaaS Leaders ...

Why eZO.Hire ?
The Mindset

eZOHire is not just another HR platform, at eZO we get the mindset of world-class engineering scrum teams. eZOHire is seeded by seasoned Technology & HR leaders who in the past have led global engineering teams and set agile cultures at scale.

Our leaders have led Software & SaaS development in the past, eZO has the in-house expertise to assess SaaS, Enterprise architecture, AI /ML, NLP, Web Dev, DevOps, Mobile apps, Micro-services architecture or Monolithic development stack. 

It is this DNA that enables eZO to understand technical hiring obstacles screen the right Talent timely who can fuel your digital journey.

 eZO.client commitment,

  • Hire the right Tech talent.

  • Minimize hiring mistakes through our Tech-screening process.

  • Timely Hire.

  • Personalize your hiring @ eZO.

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SaaS, Enterprise Apps, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Computer Vision, Deep-Nets, RPA,  Data Analytics, Front-end, Auto-ML, Back-end Stack, Nodejs, WebRTC, Edge-Compute, Data-Lake, Mobile Apps- IoS, Android, Block-Chain, Cloud Computing - Aws, DevOps, Microservices, Kubernetes, CRM, No-SQL/SQL, Java, Python, Scala, Golang, HTML 5, Networks- SDWAN, Data Security, Agile, etc...


Software Eng

Skills: C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap. India’s fastest growing Ed-Tech co. to hire Software Engineers.

Staff Architect

Leading Market research firm seeks a Staff Architect - to Manage, develop and oversee entire Product Tech Stack and delivery.

Sr. Software Eng

Skills: C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap. India’s fastest growing Ed-Tech co. to hire Sr. Software Engineers.

VP Product

Top E-Comm brand seeks a Product Manager - to Manage, develop & oversee entire Product Roadmap and GTM.

Clients &

eZO H:) ppy Clients 




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