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India Front-End Developers Survey Report '2022

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Front-End Developers Survey '2022

Front-End Development is one of the most demanded roles across the industry, with 500+ jobs posted daily on Indeed in the last year.

India Front-end Developers Survey is an annual snapshot and a summary of the Skills and Career progression of Front-end Development professionals across India. The survey measures demands, skills, the challenges faced, career trajectory and salary figures of one of the most hard-to-recruit talents.

This study, conducted by eZo.Hire, is based on the responses from 180+ participants, with women comprising 23% of the respondents. It is intended to help aspiring people in making the right decisions.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

More than half of the day is spent in coding and coding-related activities for a Front-end Developer. Apart from this, testing the code and solving other security-related issues take up 12% and 4% of the day respectively. Other activities like stakeholder meetings, to ensure customer satisfaction, also takes up more than 20% of the day.

Must-Have Skills for Front-End Developers

Front-end development is just about coding and requires you to be skilled in other areas such as graphic design and SEO as well. This helps in smooth inter-department collaboration, thus increasing the productivity of the firm.

Recruiters around the world indicate that Communication and Problem Solving are one of the most desirable skills they look for in a candidate. An ability to understand the problem and work on numbers and come up with effective solutions quickly can help you excel as a front-end developer.

Challenges Faced

As for front-end developers, 34% of them indicated that the most challenging part of their job is managing client UX expectations. Getting consensus from the stakeholders takes up a lot of to-and-fro work and thus is quite time-consuming. Browser compatibility is also a challenge, as suggested by 24% of the survey takers.

Domains of interests ?

Data Science & Ai is the technology of the future- from students to working professionals, developers want to experience it. Cyber security, IoT, and Blockchain are also some of their popular interests.

Career Trajectory

A front end web developer job is not just high-potential, but it is also enjoyable and demanding. The developers that work on the front end are enthused about what they do because they can truly harness their creativity.

They typically start their career as a Junior Front-end Developer and move up to become Front-end Developers after 1-4 years of experience. After spending a few more years in the role, they are set to become Senior Front-end Developers. This is followed by the role of Front-end Software Architect, which comes after spending approximately 9 years in the role.

Coding beyond formal education?

Most developers have learned to code in their formal education. But there are several other ways to learn coding, including online platforms or YouTube tutorials.

Top frameworks in front-end development


React is the most popular framework used by frontend developers in their daily work. This is due to the fact that React has a high performance, cost-efficient development, modularity and reusable wrapper components, among other benefits for rapid development.


When asked about what frameworks will they like to learn and want to use based on the ease of usage and features available, most of the respondents suggested that Svelte and Solid are the two most popular frameworks in the coming future. The reason for the gaining popularity of Svelte is its browser-friendly Java Scripts, with small package sizes

Frontend developer's salary trends in India


Salary figures for Frontend Developer roles in India start from 3LPA and gradually increase with the time spent by one in the role. The data collected shows a YOY growth of 18% as of 2021.


Frontend Development salaries in India range between 3LPA - 7LPA across roles and industries. However, this largely depends on the skills of the frontend developer. As shown in the alongside figure, the starting salary of Angular and React developers is higher than the starting salary of the developers who work on UI/UX Development and Vue.

Where are the jobs located?

Bangalore being the tech hub of India, houses most of the Frontend Development jobs, followed by Delhi NCR and Hyderabad.

Top Languages Used

When it comes to the most used language used by developers JavaScript undoubtedly tops the list. HTML and Python too are used quite frequently in the industry. C++, however, did not see much popularity among the developers who took part in our survey.

Top cloud platforms used by front-end developers

AWS remains the most common cloud platform used by frontend developers, with more than 50% of the developers relying on it. Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are gaining popularity among the developer community since the last year.


Web Tech

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, JQuery, Flutter, IoS, React, Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript

Web development tools-

MaterialUI, CodePen, Chrome Dev Tools

3D Tools Awareness

Unity, 3D A-frame, Babylon.js, WebXR, ReactVR, PrimroseVR,


Figma, Miro, Adobe XD


eZO.Hire's Frontend Developers Survey focused on digging into the role of frontend angular and react developers role while analyzing their responsibilities and salary trends. The survey also highlighted the methods and tools used by the community and what skills do you need to excel in the industry. A Front-End Developer owns the UX of a website by working on the user-interaction features, determining the structure and design of web pages, and writing reusable codes, among other responsibilities. As opposed to the popular belief that this role demands much time to be given to coding, frontend developers only spend 1/3rd of their day in coding, while the other part of the day is spent attending meetings with stakeholders, analyzing user preferences, and much more. In India, over 90% of the frontend developer jobs are located in cities like Bangalore, Delhi NCR, and Hyderabad. The average salary of product managers ranges between 3LPA - 7LPA across roles and industries. However, this largely depends on the skills of the frontend developer. All in all, frontend development offers a great mix of technology and design, while providing an opportunity to work with various stakeholders.

To know about the demographics of this survey and other relevant facts, download the full report from the below link.

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